Olive: Next-Gen Hearing Aid with a Social Mission (With Testimonials)

We can all HEAR the world together. The Olive is the next-gen hearing aid. more info: www.oliveunion.com


Miguel says:

you just ruined the video by adding music to it. We couldn’t follow your message.

Ben Frawley says:

Social perception !
Looks like the dude has a cockroach feasting on ear wax. 😉

Ben Frawley says:

I couldn’t hear what they were saying in such an echoy room.

Jayden Lawson says:

Just funded. Hope this turns out to be a huge success for you and for those hard of hearing!

Gabriele Foddis says:

Ho partecipato alla campagna, ad oggi non ho ricevuto niente. Come mai?

alles roger says:

scheint ein super produkt zu sein.
die preislichen komponenten sind ja auch mal richtig gut.
tolle sache , danke an die entwickler.

joe sharpimage says:

Why they are so dark and big?

Ma Be says:

Sounds really great, it was about time. The high price mafia of industry and people who earn big time on hearing aids needs to finally face a serious competitor.

Sarah Christine says:

Hi, I absolutely love and appreciate your mission. My dad is in his late 60’s and is almost deaf because of 28 years of tree work. I want to get him one of these, but I have a question…. can you turn off the bluetooth aspect of it? He’s paranoid about dirty electricity (EMF’s) and cell phones and such… so I’m not sure how he would respond to wearing that if it were always turned on.

Thanks again 🙂

Business901 says:

It sounds great but they have collected about $600K on Indiegogo and have failed to deliver a working product. Workmanship is terrible and I need a rubber band to keep it in my ear it is so large. I would be careful.

Mikkel Christensen says:

I really like the idea of you making affordable hearing aids. My stepfather has hearing aids and he will soon need new ones, and he will have to pay at least 700-800 usd for a hearing aid for one ear. The second one will be even more expensive. His current hearing aids are really is cool you will not see that he is using them because they are super small they are behind the ear and function with a super translucent wire down to the ear canal. The idea you have seems like a great one, but the form factor of your product is still very noticeable and clunky looking to me.

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