Magic Ear Review: As Seen on TV ʘ‿ʘ

Magic Ear by Atomic Beam, As Seen on TV, is a hearing aid used to amplify sound. Let’s just say we weren’t impressed with the live test results! Visit for a complete report and real customer reviews.

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56CrownVick says:

Thanks for the review, I was considering buying this product, but not now.

Pi Noy says:

Thnx..i will be buying it for my 93 yr mom.

Ruth Mattes says:

how can I buy one?

Scott Bynon says:

Unfortunately these things never work and the reason why is because of the feedback in the microphone that’s why you always get that double type of feedback you yet and they’ve never been able to fix it when it comes to these cheap products.

The only way you’re going to hear better is if you spend a lot more money than 15 or $20 for these devices there are devices out there that do work but you’re looking around 100th $200 for them.

And if you have a problem hearing then you might want to go to a specialist and get your ears checked it might just be a buildup of wax in your ear and that can be removed from a doctor so stay away from these products they don’t work and it just a waste of money and don’t even think about backing them on Kickstarter or Indiegogo because you’ll really get ripped off

Paid to Win says:

This is a good channel but didn’t get enough attention

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