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Are Earlens Hearing Aids Worth The Hype? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews his experience with Earlens Hearing Aids.

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The Earlens light driven hearing aids are some of the most futuristic hearing aids available. Since their release in 2016 for commercial use, they have caught the eye of hearing aid users looking for something different to treat their hearing loss.

In 2016, Dr. Cliff Olson was one of the first audiologists to dispense these commercially available devices. The concept of the Earlens hearing aid is simple:

1. The behind the ear processor picks up sound like a traditional hearing aid and converts the sound into and electrical signal.
2. This signal is sent through an ear wire to a light tip deep in the ear canal.
3. This electric signal is converted into an infrared light at the light tip that is deep inside the ear canal.
4. This light stimulates a lens that is on your eardrum and causes it to vibrate.
5. This amplified vibration mechanically moves the eardrum, causing you to hear.

When you amplify sound with light, you enable an increase in high frequency amplification. This increase allows the user to receive more high frequency consonant sounds which supplies clarity to speech. Traditional hearing aids can only amplify to around 6 kHz, whereas the Earlens light driven hearing aid can amplify to 10 kHz. This increase bandwidth can potentially make speech and music clearer and more enjoyable.

One of the other notable potential benefits is a reduced risk of feedback. Feedback is a whistling sound that can be caused by a leakage of sound from the ear canal and cycling through the microphone on the hearing aid. However, depending on the severity of your high frequency hearing loss, the mechanical movement of the eardrum could cause its own feedback issues.

There are potential drawbacks to using Earlens.

1. The cost: You will likely spend over $12,000 to get a pair of Earlens hearing aids because of all the extra services required to get them. Not only do you have to see an Audiologist and ENT multiple times, you also have to pay for the innovative technology, and it isn’t cheap.

2. Inconvenience: In addition to all of the extra visits, there are still issues with the technology. There have been cases where users smile and it cuts off the amplification because the light tip points away from the lens. No big deal until you realize you can’t smile or it will cut off the sound.

3. Discretion: Earlens hearing aids are big. They also don’t come in many colors so don’t plan on having them be invisible. However, this may not be a big issue for you if don’t care about looks.

Earlens has some work to do in making their devices more dependable and easy to use. However, if you struggle with hearing aids that have been properly programmed using Real Ear Measures, you may want to give Earlens a try if you can afford it.


CryptoDeaf Studio says:

*Heavy Breathing* “not for conductive hearing loss” *Breathes normally*

mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell says:

I have pulsatile tinnitus in one ear and a really high pitched tinnitus in the other ear. Is this common?

It impairs my daily life. I’m going to get some hearing aids soon, but I’m scared that my hearing loss and tinnitus will ruin my life. I can’t sit and focus on school work anymore because the noise from the tinnitus is too much.

I quit debate because I’m incompetent and my hearing loss is so bad I can’t hear what the other person is saying.

I’m thinking about dropping out of college. Because I don’t think I’d ever finish medical school, let alone my masters or bachelors because I can’t hear.

Larry Diamond says:

Dr. Cliff is a remarkable asset. His videos are informative, non-biased, and…..if I lived in Arizona, I’d be his patient. As I’ve said in prior posts, when I call him with questions…..from NYC, I might add……he answered his phone and gave me invaluable information and quite a bit of time. As a result, I am currently wearing hearing aids and his information made the process much easier. Watch as many of his videos as you can. And……think about flying to Phoenix and make him your Doc!! Kudos, Dr. Cliff.

hadouken_1289 av says:

oh sorry and can you also review hearing aid brand hansaton I am currently using the jam hd category 3(economy) s312 … it would be awesome if you can cover the difference between RIC and BTE

Shai says:

Can these be verified via REM?

hadouken_1289 av says:

doc I needed to ask you it’s been 2 + years since I have tinnitus a clogged sensation that makes me feel like I’m hearing from inside a cartbox and added to that sounds like silverware or glass colliding and dogs barks are very annoying too and I’m single sided deaf since birth btw… but I do have long periods of clarity where normal hearing is back the only thing standing is tinnitus but is quiet low enough to carry on with life as I normally would daily … this long period can last sometimes 1 month sometimes as short as a week i need to get checked by an ENT I know but can you bring some light into what might be causing all this to me like what direction should I approach this when I consult it with my ENT.. cause I think I can recover if a get this clarity periods can’t I?

Jay Greene says:

This is very interesting. Do you think this could be a solution for my problem with my current hearing aid? I feel my connecting tube is a little too short and is not close enough to my eardrum. When I push the hearing aid in further I hear so much better. Yet the next size up tube is too long and does not sit correctly on my ear. Do you think if connecting tube was customized to fit ear size this would improve hearing even more? I’ve been told manufacturers don’t do this. I don’t understand why. It could be another billable service they can add on, so they can make more money from doing it. Ear molds are customized why can’t tube sizing be customized? Thanks four your extremely helpful videos. You’re awesome!

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