Signia Silk Nx Invisible Hearing Aid Review | Best Invisible Hearing Aids? – UPDATED

Signia Silk Nx Invisible Hearing Aid Review | Best Invisible Hearing Aids? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem AZ reviews the Signia Silk Nx hearing aid.


Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids are by far the most popular style of hearing aids on the market. However, recent consumer demand has forced hearing aid manufacturers to make their devices smaller and better performing than ever before.

Signia, formerly known as Siemens, recently introduced their Silk Nx line of Invisible Completely-In-Canal (CIC) hearing aids. I find these hearing aids impressive for 3 main reasons.

1. They are ready to wear – They do not require a custom ear mold impression. You instead use different size click sleeves to match your ear canal size. They are comfortable and make the devices nearly undetectable.

2. Wireless connectivity – These devices have the capability to communicate with an Apple or Android Smartphone with the Sigia TouchConrol App without any additional hardware. They even have the ability to connect to the Silk CROS making them the smallest CROS option for individuals with single sided deafness (SSD).

3. Full-Featured Hearing Aids – These are not your cheap sound amplifiers that you find advertised on Facebook and Ebay. They are fully-customizable devices that have all the features of hearing aids significantly larger. They have Ear-to-Ear (e2e) capabilities allowing the devices to communicate with each other, helping you hear better in background noise.

As great as these devices appear to be, there are two things that might be an issue.

1. They aren’t custom – custom devices can fit all different sizes and shapes of ear canals. If you have odd shaped or extra large ear canals, these devices may not work for you.

2. They don’t have custom venting – The click sleeves don’ allow the capability to to control vent size which is critical to the performance of hearing aids with certain types of hearing loss. They only come in open or closed venting options.

Cons aside, these hearing aids are impressive. However, even the best hearing aids on the planet don’t matter unless you’ve had Real Ear Measurement performed on them. Don’t know what REMs are? Watch this video:


TheMushMission says:

Can you please make a video on the principles of masking

Wildrizos says:

what are the pros and cons between BAHA vs the two devices for someone like me, single sided deafness?

CrushedBig D says:

is it weird that I watch these at night in order to sleep because your voice comforts me in a weird way? lol. In my opinion, hearing aids cost way too much. I’m basically in panic mode right now because the chronic ear infections I’ve had over the past few months has caused minimal or mild (can’t remember) conductive hearing loss, although I don’t know if I’ll regain my hearing, oh and I have a perforated eardrum so yay me lol! I’m wondering how noticeable a normal one will be because my long hair kind of blocks my ear and I’m just worried that people could mock me because I’m still pretty young. keep on with the videos!

fab says:

You mentioned the compilot air in a prior comment. I was eyeing up the roger pen but it doesn’t work with the air, do you happen to know if the remote mic 2.0 is comparable? As this will work with the Air. Thanks

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