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Hello, I’m Dr. Maryann McCullough and today I’m going to talk to you about how you insert an In The Ear or In The Canal Hearing Aid
in your ear. So you may have one of two different styles. I’ll begin with the smaller one that looks like this. It’s called a completely in the canal, it may be in different colors like red or blue or flesh colored.
but the concept behind these is that they have a little removal tag that you use to pull a hearing aid in and out of your ear. No, that’s not an antenna but simply something that helps with the removal and the insertion. So with this style I would take the part that has the wax guard on it that goes in your ear canal and I would hold it, let me move my hair out of the way so that you can get a better view. And what I would do is I would take the hearing aid up to my ear and simply push and insert down my ear canal. If it is inserted properly the removal cord should be not visible any longer but rather simply be down in the bottom of your ear canal. The hearing aid should be recessed enough that you don’t see it. You do want to make sure you get it in tight enough because if you do not the hearing aid may squeal or you run the risk of losing it. But because their custom molded if you get it in properly, you could shake your head and it still wouldn’t fall out. Now I’m going to remove this and one show you with even tinier hearing aid and again I insert in my ear it slips from view. It’s in very very tight, doesn’t hurt of course, but to get it out
I simply need to grab on that removal piece. Now the In the Ear style maybe in larger sizes. For example, this is the complete, this is a full shell In the Ear style that fits throughout the ear in what we call the concha area. The concha area includes all of this area up in here so it’s important that you get the hearing aid fully inserted in your ear, again, to avoid the risk of losing it or to avoid feedback or whistling which can sometimes come from hearing aids that are not inserted properly. So now what I’d like to do is show you that when you put this in the ear. Again, I’ll my hair out of the way, and I’ll take the hearing aid up to my here the part that goes in your ear should be pointed towards your ear. You can grab it like this or if it’s easier you can grab it with your thumb behind it but you want to take it up to your ear insert it in and make sure that you put push it in thoroughly so that it is fit underneath all of the bridges of your ear canal if it’s protruding at all, it’s not in properly. So you want to make sure you get it tight with your ear so that when you have it in, its flush with your ear so that it is
comfortable and secure. To remove it I simply grab my thumb behind it or pop from underneath. Pull from here whatever way is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt is how you would remove it. And then again you wanna make sure you always take the battery and open up the door at night when you’re not using it because you want to make sure you turn it off whenever you take them out. So open up the battery door and hopefully this video helped you get your hearing aid in or take it out.


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That’s CIC. Not ITC. You are dumb~
And RIC are better than your stupid ITC.

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