Hearing Aid Review – my experience

So at 39 years old I got hearing aids!!! And they are awesome!!!

Hear me talk about my decision to get hearing aids to help manage my tinnitus and clarity in hearing conversation and the many unexpected benefits that I’ve found from having hearing aids.

This is my first every vlog so be gentle 😀

My hearing aid make an model: Oticon Synergy
I have the smaller model which has a small plastic tube round into my ear. I also have an open cup to the part that goes in my ear, this is because I can hear many frequencies, it’s mostly the high end that I have some loss in.

Charlotte’s videos that led to me getting hearing aids:


SayWhat Hearing says:

The information in this video is so important!! Thank you for sharing this with us Mike!! Keep sharing and encouraging others to do the same!

Nina Mohss says:

I had the same experience with tinnitus as you had, when I got my first pair of hearing aids. I can still hear my tinnitus, especially in my right ear, but the sound is so much easier to handle with hearing aids than without them. 🙂

sleestack13 says:

Thanks for this video. I have had hearing loss for most of my 49 years, and I am FINALLY getting my aids in 5 days. Very nervous / excited / anxious about the whole process. Also trying not to expect an instant miracle cure. The nurse at my fitting said that the hearing aid can sync to a high end phone and a “smart TV” so that the sound will go directly to my new aids, but my phone isn’t good enough for that. So right now I’m not sure how a phone conversation will work. But I am looking forward to learning. And thanks for the advice about headphones. Right now I have “on the ear” headphones, but now I am thinking of saving up for a nice pair of “over the ear” phones.

Christopher Sinfield says:

Thank you for sharing this information Mike, my wife needs aids but Boots did the hearing test and they said that they recommend hearing aids that cost £1500 for each ear and that is out of the question for us, we are pensioners. What was the cost that you had to pay the NHS, those that you have will be the ones that she would choose but only if we can afford them.

Sam Bridge says:

Whats your hearing loss? Mild/moderate?

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