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Hearing Aid Guide; as the name describes, Get all the best-branded hearing aids with all types like BTE, CIC, IIC, Open Fit, Custom Fit etc and their accessories like Hearing Amplifier, Dryers, Cleaners,​Domes, Batteries. Here, you can also know about- how to protect yourself from Hearing Loss? Hearing loss prevention involves shielding yourself from loud sound, This is one of the most common sources of hearing loss in America. Hearing loss can alter your social and expert life, highlighting the importance of Protection. Get tips from Hearing Aid Guide for stopping noise-induced hearing loss and slowing the progression of age-related hearing loss and get the best hearing protection devices like ear muffs, ear plugs and Zem Protectors with best reviews. For more information, you can check out our official


Julie Adams says:

My hearing doctor said there is no such thing as age-related hearing loss. Something always causes it. It doesn’t just happen.

Jack Hammer says:

are theese for partially deaf people or for musician’s?

redha zidane says:

plz tall me what is name this product and how much ?

Mrs Moot HIV positive says:

Thanks for this, I’m a musician, well I no longer play loud live music, partly as since I hit my late 20s my hearing started to go. For example, I apparently speak loud. And I’ve noticed i if i can’t see someone’s lips, I can’t make out what they’re saying, I believe i have subconsciously learnt to partiality lip read. So yeah, perhaps I need hearing aids. Although, to me, I don’t actually notice my hearing is so bad.
Btw, I was going to make a joke comment “speak up, I can’t hear you” but thought that might upset people. Lol. Even though I’m going deaf or am partially deaf I still think it’s funny.

conor callanan says:

HearUSA Call (877) 527-2638 and schedule a free consultation!

Camille Vineyard says:

i went to amazon and they cost over $400. what happened to $22?

Refycoz says:

yeah yeah they look good. you hear betteer but why aren’t you showing how they look from profile…

Dade Murphy says:

Should have showed a view from the side and behind so I can see how visible they are. I’m trying to find something that people won’t see.

Alex Jung says:

You look good… I wear CIC or ICC hearing aids..but never wear BTE hearing aids.. Which is so embarrassing. Hahaha

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