A closer look at the invisible Phonak Nano in the ear hearing aid

Simon at The Hearing Care Centre (Ipswich) shows us just how tiny and discreet the Phonak Nano really is.

DESCRIPTION: Phonak Nano is more than just a tiny hearing aid. It is the perfect combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size. It is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal, using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials. Wearing comfort is guaranteed while consistently delivering outstanding sound quality.

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Niroj Maharjan says:

I purchased Vitro Q 30 CIC… First 3 to 4 month i hear properly later I didnt hear the voice properly what might be the problem… Can Some one help me…

David Michielen says:

Got these for a weak now. The noise reduction is not good yet, maybe after the second tweak session it’ll get better. To bad there is no power off modus like on the siemens. So gotto remove the batteries everytime. (only use them for meetings)

The conversations in front of me (close) are actually worse so i take them out for close range.

I hate that the little nylon strings to pull them out, are nog customisable size. They stick out of my shell. I might just cut them of to half size.

Overall happy with them  but needs some personal pref tweaks.

goldfield says:

It’s not true, that they are not invisible. It depends on anatomy of your ear. Otherwise they are excellent.

Bert Simson says:

I have tested practically all IIC hearing aids and like the Phonak Nano best.

TheSkyBlue85 says:

Looks great, has anyone tried this? can anyone share their experience with these hearing aids?

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