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Video Transcript for those with Hearing Loss:

Have you heard of the newest technology in hearing aid? The extended wear hearing aid device. The name of this is lyric. It’s a very small hearing aid that was developed 5 years ago by a San Francisco Ear Nose and Throat Doctor in conjunction with engineering and audiology. The ideas was many people that have hearing loss that are not currently wearing hearing aids. And by having a device that you can wear for an extended period of time without changing batteries and that is completely invisible in the ear. We’d been appealing to people who otherwise have not purchased hearing aid or who would like to try something new. Well the device that was developed is called the lyric hearing aid . It’s very small and it fits completely within the ear canal rather close to the ear drum. The advantages of this device are that you do wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can sleep in it, shower in it and carry on with your daily activities. The hearing aids last about 85 days on average before the battery does not to be replace and the device is available for most individuals. Some couple things that are important. Ear canal has to be on appropriate size for the device to fit. There are different sizes of the lyric but there is a minimum length of the ear canal and the minimum diameter which we would measure before placing the device. It’s also important to see your audiologist for complete hearing test prior to trying the lyric and make sure that ear is free of wax before
it is inserted into the ear. Once it has been determined that you are a candidate for the lyric and you’ve been appropriately sized for length and dimension of your canal and the appropriate device size has been selected, it’s easily placed in the ear with calibrated device that tells us exactly how far to place it as we insert it into the ear canal. The final resting place of the lyric device is very close to the ear drum which allows an enhanced sound quality that many people find to be very appealing as a very natural source of sound. And the natural ear functions as our ear normally does to bring sound into the ear, use the telephone in a normal fashion, and helps avoid some of the other problems typically associated with standard or conventional hearing aid. If you are interested and determining if you might be a candidate for a lyric and knowing more. Please contact our office. Our website list all of our telephone numbers for various offices.

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