I finally got my hearing aids after 11 years (ITSAiden)

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Hey guy’s so for most of you out there who don’t know I’m half death
So 11 years ago i told my self i would never get hearing aids again because on day when i was walking home i got jumped by this kid and his friends they thought it was a good idea to push me to the floor and they took out my hearing aids and smashed them on the floor then they beat me up until I had to go to the hospital because i was that badly beaten up because I was different. so from that day on till now i told my self I would never wear them again but now we are 11 year down the road and i am 19 years old because of my family and some friends who stuck by me and kept pushing me to do better and be better i finally got my hearing aids done again and I’m going to say this i know I’m different but i don’t care i like who i am and that’s all that matters
what im trying to say is be the best person you can be and just turn negatives into positives and never be afraid to be or look different.
i love you all for who you are no matter what.

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Duhitzdxni says:

My “friends” did the same thing. At least I thought they were my friends but they apparently wernt. Love your story. I’m fully deaf

jair esau lopez molina says:

I understand what you feel!
I use hearing aids too. I’m 18 and I just started using them recently.

Linda Vogel says:

the Lord Jesus christ will cleanse you from all their baal images

Deb says:

Sorry but the music is so loud to me that I find it hard to hear you. But thanks for the video.

ITSAiden says:

Hey guys if you want to see part 2 of this video were i talk about how its been with hearing Aids after 2 years the click this link thanks have a nice day peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CX_gwgiaJo&t=1s

ichbinz12 says:

Your Hearing aid is looking really cool!

Latin Roses says:

I’m so sorry that happen to you. I’m very proud of you. Thanks for sharing

ITSAiden says:

doing a Q&A soon ask me some questions

#AskDivine/then your question

ITSAiden says:

Hi guys i was wondering if you would like me to do a update video to this video? LET ME KNOW have a nice day guy see you soon

Latin Roses says:

I’m so sorry that happen to you. I’m very proud of you. Thanks for sharing

ITSAiden says:

this was meant to go up yesterday but i had a lot to do so i could upload it on time sorry.

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