Newest Bone Conduction Hearing Aid | Med-EL ADHEAR

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses the newest bone conduction hearing aid on the market, the Med-EL ADHEAR.

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Med-EL is typically known for their Cochlear Implants and Middle Ear Implants. However, they just received thier FDA 510 (k) clearance which basically means it can be sold in the United States. Previously, the device was only available outside the US.

The Med-EL ADHEAR Bone Conduction Hearing Aid System, works by adhering an abutment pad behind the ear on the hairless mastoid bone. Then, you attach the Sound Processor which provides bone conducted sound through the skull, into the Cochlea (hearing organ).

This vibration can bypass the traditional route of sound from the Outer ear, through the Middle ear, to the inner ear (cochlea). This allows someone with a Conductive Hearing Loss, or Single Sided Deafness, to bypass the hearing loss and stimulate the Cochlea with sound.

The ADHEAR has:

1. Adhesive Pad – This pad is very hypo-allergenic and stays in place for a week. Med-EL only claims 3-5 days, but I wore the pad for 7 days without issues.

2. Sound Processor – The processor is lightweight and comes in 3 different colors. It can work behind either ear seamlessly and snaps onto the Adhesive Pad. It uses a size 13 hearing aid battery, and has on-board controls for program and volume changes. It also is FM compatible and can be connected with other electronic devices with a cable.

Med-EL indicated that in clinical trials, they achieved similar results to a softband method of wearing a Bone Conduction Hearing Aid. The also indicated increased comfort of wearing the ADHEAR vs. a headband which led to higher satisfaction rates.

Unfortunately, the ADHEAR only works for bone conduction thresholds that are better than 25 dB between 500 Hz and 4 kHz. The processor may get in the way of glasses, and it isn’t Bluetooth compatible.


Stephanie Coco says:

Doctor Cliff,AuD may i ask if you are deaf ?? im profundly Deaf and i got the surgery for the BAHA surgery and i get the hearing aid Next Wednesday the 22 august 2018 i cant wait for the hearing aid thanks for all the great videos 🙂 <3

Idalia Miller says:

Hello Doc, today we went to the Ear community picnic and my 14 year old try the ADHEAR, she likes this one a lot, because it was practical just insert an that was it. Then we went to the Oticon Booth and try the Ponto and the sound was a little better , but she still likes the ADHEAR, Now, I would like to know in your professional opinion, which one would be a better fit for my SSHL girl she has perfect hearing in the right and severe in left she said she can hear the lower tones, I heard about Phonak Cross-B/Audeo B combination, and the Oticon OPN, and the recently I saw in one of the FB groups.Cross Silk NX CIC (Signia) . Concerned she going to be a sophomore in HS and wanted to have the best possible experience. Thank you for all your awesome videos. I wish I could take my daughter to your clinic. 🙂

Demon 87 says:

Hey doc. I also used that because of my ssd. It looked like you didnt have the same issue as i did. The adhesive that i used. The click part in the adhesive always get broken easily, ranged from 1-2 days although the adhesive still sticks on. So i have no choice but to remove it.

May i ask, why didnt your click in adhesive get broken?

Robert O'Neil says:

Part two. I “hear” tinnitus all day long in the right ear that is somewhere between an office building sized air conditioner unit fan and odd chirruping noises that sound like effects on the starship Enterprise. Thanks

xoi100dong says:

I have worked with patients using Adhear in hot and high humidity weather. 2 days is max. You have to use extra sticky tape that cover the outside of adhesive pad for longer period of usage. That is its biggest downside. Otherwise the device is quite useful for anyone really need this HA

Larry Ray says:

My Wife has conductive hearing loss , we were looking into the BAHA , but She is not sure about the implant , so she wants to try the headband , I told Her someone should make a bone conductive hearing device that is held on by a adhesive !!!!!!!, after searching the internet I found the ADHEAR device !!!!!!!!!!, HOW COOL , Thanks for the video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonu brar says:

I have lot of questions can’ u help me Docter my both ear gone

yasmine hamila says:

is this an operation?? like cochlear implants??

Wildrizos says:

Is this available nationwide; my doctor mentioned BAHA or the option to wear a transmitter and hearing aid. When he mentioned surgery, I was a bit overwhelmed. Would you recommend this one vs the one were surgery is required? Is this cover by insurance?How would this work if one is an avid swimmer?

yasmine hamila says:

saha rry to bother u but the adhear how does it stick and to what levrl
of hearing is it suitable for thank u again

Paul Adler says:

How does the Med-EL ADHEAR compare to a CROS device? Thanks Paul

Robert Lanza says:

Wow probably just what I need! I just purchased a Bone Conductor Headset. The AfterShokz Trekz Open Air. I wanted to see what Bone Conduction can do! I have a damaged ear drum. Due to having a tube in my ear for years due to collapsed Eustachian tube.

To my astonishment the headphones actually worked great and now I know that I should be looking into a bone conduction hearing aid as well as a regular hearing aid.

sonu brar says:

Any way m from Chicago my cell number if can contact to direct 3097498218

Eliyah Akim says:

But what about treacherous Collins syndrome people.

wkoslo says:

Why does my audiologist keep telling me this isn’t available in the US yet?

David Stengel says:

I don’t see how it could work as well as the Sophono, since that has implanted magnets to fasten the processor tighter and thus improve bone conduction. I have SSD from Acoustic Neuroma surgery.

Md.Mehfil Rashid Khan Samio says:

My father has hearing loss, can anyone tell me where can I buy bone conduction hearing aid online with international shipping ?

Robert O'Neil says:

Hi. Two years ago I had spinal meningitis with fluid buildup in the brain. I went into a coma and lost the hearing in my right ear. I’m still not 100% sure of what works, if anything and what doesn’t. My left ear is good if not great. Bone conduction seems like a great idea but I don’t know with whatever happened to me. Ideas???

hunkyvampire says:

Why the Trekz headphone is in front of the ear and this hearing aid is at the back when they are both bone conductions. Is the back part better for bone conductions?

Donkey Kong says:

I had a bonebridge Samba that I had a lot of problems with, had it removed

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