Hearing Aids in Fort Collins CO – Proper Placement of a BTE Hearing Aid

http://www.HearingCtr.com – Watch as Dr. Brittany Mathisen demonstrates how to properly insert a behind the ear hearing aid.

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Video Transcript for those with Hearing Loss:

Hi, It’s Dr. Mathisen at the Hearing Center. Today, we are going to teach you how to put a behind the ear hearing aid properly. I always tell people to grab where the wire meets hearing aid and have the hearing aid facing you. We’re gonna take the hearing aid. We’ll gonna slide it over the top of our ear. Just like this. Then we always wanna put it at the very top of our ear. So the hearing aid is as far forward as it can be. Now we will follow the wire down. We’ll start to put the dome into our ear. This little tail always gets in our way. So the next step is to push him up into your ear. It kinda snaps into place and lays at the bottom of your ear. We have a gap in between the wire and my ear and we don;t want that gap there. So we wanna give it once last push in and you do that by pushing back and up. So we grab, find your fingernail, put it on the speaker and push back and up and you will feel a slide in the place. And now the wires right up against my ear. You can always check that by looking at the mirror to see if you have that at the proper place. The tail you can just kinda push down into your ear and that’s what it should look like in the proper place. Thank you.

Directions and Reviews:

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Brad Clemens says:

Great, thank you.

Jill Drover says:

THANK YOU! I have struggled with this with no help from my audiologist. Seems simple but when it’s wrong, it’s WRONG

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